Implementing software for a major asset servicer

Our client requiers our support to help him to manage the implementation of the securities lending software he selected. We provided program management and business analysis services and led our client to the value.

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Enabled Value

As part of a major project, Delta Services implemented new software for a bank's securities lending desk, resulting in a substantial increase in efficiency and transparency. The project has been recognized as a critical strategic initiative for the bank, fueling growth and success in the securities lending business and delivering significant value to the organization.

We did
Program Management
Software Vendor Management
Business Analysis
How we did it

Our team provided end-to-end project management, business analysis, and testing expertise for the implementation of new software on the bank's securities lending desk. Collaborating closely with the bank's IT team and software vendor, we defined project requirements, developed a project plan, and ensured that the implementation stayed within budget and timelines.

Throughout the project, we provided ongoing project management support, identifying and mitigating potential risks and ensuring that all project milestones were met. Our team also worked with the bank's business stakeholders to define the necessary business processes, data flows, and system integrations for the new software, ensuring it aligned with the bank's business objectives.

To ensure software quality, we provided rigorous testing and quality assurance support, including functional, integration, and performance testing. The successful implementation of the new software introduced new services and capabilities that attracted new clients and significantly improved efficiency and transparency in the securities lending process.

Our involvement in the project allowed the bank to increase operational efficiency, improve reporting and insights capabilities, and drive revenue growth, making it a critical initiative for the bank's competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion
Delta Services played a key role in implementing new software for a bank's securities lending desk, improving efficiency and transparency and driving revenue growth. Our end-to-end project management, business analysis, and testing expertise ensured that the solution met the bank's business needs and goals. The successful implementation has become a strategic initiative for the bank and enabled it to increase operational efficiency and improve reporting and insights capabilities.

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