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What to expect from Delta Delivery Center

At Delta Delivery Center (DDC), you can expect a partnership that focuses on your core expertise, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. We provide a modular delivery center that adapts to your specific needs, offering a customized approach that aligns with your goals. With our pool of technical and operational experts, we leverage our knowledge and experience to optimize your operations and drive efficiency. Additionally, we streamline your operations by harnessing the power of advanced technologies, enhancing production and delivering results that propel your business forward. With DDC, you can trust in a collaborative partnership that maximizes your strengths and unlocks your full potential.

Expertise Sphere

The Delta Delivery Center (DDC) is a comprehensive outsourcing service provider for technical and functional services. As the business process outsourcing (BPO) service of Delta Consulting Company, we offer a flexible and scalable solution for our clients.

Our services include cloud technology, data management, custom development, and more. We also offer operational and business support services such as accounting, invoicing, and reporting to help clients with their daily business operations. To ensure the continuity of business delivery and drive additional ROI in the medium to long term, we deploy innovative approaches and perform iterative automation of processes. Our goal is to help clients overcome common challenges such as skill shortages, operational complexity, budget constraints, and the need for automation. We chose Tunisia as the location for the DDC because of its access to high-level talent and a strong track record of delivering quality work.

The DDC is supported by our Delta offices in Luxembourg, France, and Belgium, and our clients can maintain direct contact with our European partners for close collaboration and effective governance. As part of Delta Consulting, the DDC values the development and growth of its employees and has a culture of high performance, inclusivity, and flexibility. We have a dynamic culture of high performance, inclusion, and flexibility, and our people build lifelong relationships within a powerful network.




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