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What to expect from Delta Operations ?

Delta Operations is your gateway to a network of operational consultants deeply ingrained in the fund industry, possessing a wealth of practical experience and knowledge in handling the distinctive challenges faced by Asset Managers and Asset Servicers. Delta Operations enables you to address critical operational issues swiftly and effectively. Whether you're grappling with the onboarding of new clients, managing a sudden upsurge in business activity, or reassessing your operating model, our expertise comes into play to help you steer these challenges with proficiency. We are resolute in our commitment to your success, ensuring smooth operations and, ultimately, leading you on the path towards operational excellence. In short, Delta Operations is not just a service - it's an invaluable asset, poised to assist in your journey to master your operational challenges.

Expertise sphere

Delta Operations aims to be the Swiss Army knife for the fund industry, providing comprehensive coverage across its entire value chain. Our sphere of expertise stretches across a broad spectrum of operational domains. For Asset Servicers, we have robust operational expertise to address the most pressing challenges:

In the realm of fund administration, we tackle complex issues such as the accurate calculation of Net Asset Values (NAV), the timely production of financial statements using various standards and methodologies, and ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory requirements.

For Transfer Agency concerns, our consultants assist with the efficient and accurate registration of transactions, managing investor relations, as well as addressing data privacy and protection issues.

In the field of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC), we help ensure strict compliance with regulations, enable robust client identity verification processes, and mitigate the risk of fraudulent transactions.

For Custodian challenges, Delta Operations consultants navigate the intricate tasks of ensuring the safekeeping of assets, managing securities lending, and settling trades in a timely and error-free manner.

For Asset Managers and Wealth Managers:

Delta Operations consultants address challenges related to trade processing, monitoring settlements, and managing corporate actions, all while ensuring smooth information flow between the front and back offices.

Delta Operations consultants are also well qualified to handle Risk or Compliance challenges and are able to manage and mitigate operational, market, and credit risk, while ensuring adherence to stringent regulatory frameworks and promoting ethical business conduct.

Delta Operations is committed to providing holistic services with concrete added value proposed to our clients. Our consultants are always up to date with new business updates and regularly certified according to business needs and client requests."




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